Don't Waste Another Minute of Your Time Working IN Your Business When You Could Be Working ON Your Business...

I have over 17 years of experience successfully managing time-wasting tasks for some of the top entrepreneurs and business owners in the country!

  • Eliminate the frustration and heartache that comes from not having enough time to accomplish all you need to do each day, each week, each month.
  • Take back the vision and creativity that got you into business in the first place by doing the work that you do best and outsourcing the rest.
  • Identify and reach your desired audience. Social Media is not just a trend but rather an important business tool. A seasoned social media manager has experience and resources to not only develop your online brand and tribe, but to maintain and grow it as well.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. By working with a social media manager and building your online presence you gain a competitive advantage and are able to establish your company or brand as a leader in your field.
  • Ensure that your profiles and bio are consistent across all platforms. 

Hear What Clients Have to Say

"Denise Griffitts is the best! She is absolutely awesome and a savior for me. She works under tight deadlines, is extremely professional, timely, and has so many different skill-sets. I give her my highest recommendation. I don’t know how I would get half the stuff done I do without her!"

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, NCTMB Owner, Fitness Quest 10, Lead Training Adviser, Under Armour, Author, The IMPACT Body Plan, 2012, 2013, 2014, Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Men’s Health Top 10 Gyms in the U.S., 2004 IDEA & 2005 ACE Personal Trainer of the Year  


“Denise Griffitts has been my go-to person for many years now. She built my original website and then updated it recently with a fresh new template and new content. And she is our social media marketing manager. With her help, we have been able to greatly reduce our monthly Google Adsense buys and rely more and more on pure organic search. 

Metamorphosis Landscape Design of Long Island consistently shows up in the top 3 slots on page 1 of Google. And she has also built a couple of great e-commerce websites for my brother. We highly recommend her and her company for web development and social media marketing. She is the best!" 

Jason Merz, Metamorphosis Landscape Design of Long Island

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Hear What Clients Have to Say

"Denise is the best, she has taken my fledgling social media presence and put structure and focus so it is in alignment with my mission. If you are looking for someone who will take the time to understand where you are going and put a SM strategy in sync with it, Denise Griffitts is your person!"

Dave Sanderson, inspirational survivor, (Miracle on the Hudson) speaker and author. His thoughts on leadership have made him an internationally sought-out speaker.  


“When it comes to creating a presence in a digital world, Denise Griffitts is not just a “virtual assistant,” but a website/marketing force. She took my pumpkin of a website and turned it into a golden carriage with all the bells and whistles to expand my reach. She’s got the transformative touch." 

Rosanne Lindsay, ND, Nature of Healing

Ready to grow your online presence today?

"I honestly don't know what I would do without Denise Griffitts to handle my websites, social media and newsletter. Not to mention the marketing advice she is so exceptional at. She is a tremendously gifted - in her words - 'Techie Nerd' who is also a very popular podcast host and someone I am honored to call friend."

"The Dean of NFL Referees", Dr. Jim Tunney, Author of The Tunney Side of Sports columns, past president of the National Speakers Association and 2017 recipient of the NFL Art McNally Award  


Dr. Tim Crowley

"If you're looking for a 5-star web developer, savvy social media expert, and a brilliant online business manager then Denise Griffitts is the person for you! I am forever grateful for the work she did to build and promote my website and online presence. The results have been outstanding with over a 90 per cent increase in organic traffic and a significant growth in my customer base. This increased business wouldn’t have been possible without Denise’s exceptional talent, insight and brilliance.  

She is my go to person for web development, social media, and marketing strategies. She is delightful to work with and will truly be your partner in success!"  

Dr. Tim Crowly, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Leadership and Resilience Expert

Ready to grow your online presence today?

"The best business advisor I keep on my short list is Denise Griffitts. We've had some powerful brainstorming sessions that have pivoted my business in dramatic ways. I plan nothing unless I bounce it off Denise first. Do not hesitate to engage her suite of services." Brad Szollose, Next Gen Leadership Development Pro, Award-Winning Business Author, TEDX Speaker  


“Denise Griffitts has been instrumental in the growth of my business. Together we’ve been able to take my business from just myself, to growing so much I now have a team of 3 other Virtual Assistants and I’m about to hire more. And the business just keeps on coming in…  

I’m very grateful to have Denise as my business coach/mentor."  

Tracey Osborne, Empowered Fempreneurs™ and Empowered Fempreneurs Radio™